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The Better Front Man

Dan the guitar man

Who is/was the better front man  

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this is a gnr forum so Axl'll be getting most of the votes <_<

I tried to be impartial in my vote, but I still have to pick Axl. I never saw Bon Scott live, so I don't know what he was like on stage. Kurt Cobain tried to use the "I'm so depressed and cynical that I must be cool" routine which really sucked.

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Still, I don't think I'm not sure on how my top 4 would look. Jagger, Mercury, Rose and Scott, in no particular order. They all had their own special things, and ways to connect with an audience.

So Robert Plant had nothing then?

i don't think Robert Plant was that good... he had incredible stage presence... i can even tell that through DVDs... but he didn't do much... somehow merely his personna was enough.

Axl and Bon worked for it though.

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I'll go with Bon. I can't think of a frontman with more charisma than him. His stage presence was awesome, his voice on tracks like "Night Prowler" still give me chills.

He was voted as the greatest rock n roll frontman of all time in a magazine I once read. I believe Axl was in the top 10 (around 7).

Freddie was great too. RIP Scott and Mercury.

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I also wonder if it was true that axl has weak ankles so he does'nt dance much and is that why he does that thing that he does which is really hard if uve ever tried it lol. Did any 1 see the behind the music program on VH1 about gnr, he danced in the band b4 he met slash, he was dancin like crazy.

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