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Tenacious D


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Who is Tenacious D?

what d'you think about him?

i have one of his songs (Fuck her gently) and i think it's kinda fun,song is good, sounds like he wants to imitate Cat Stevens... ;)

and the text? well, can't have said it better B) :P;)

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Guest cherry_bomb

theyre funny, but i cant take them seriously! although wonderboy is fucking cool! my housemate has the dvd, its so fucked up-kile gives birth and shit goes everywhere :ph34r:

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Theyre hilarious! Wonderboy and Tribute are great songs (great video too with dave grohl dressed as the devil hehe)

out of the comedy ones inward singing is deffo my fav' You fuckin shit! Go sit in your tower! always naaaay saaying :lol: wtf? Jack black is a fucking weirdass but its so hilarious! The snoring at the beginning really sets it off and the fact he talks absolute nonsense adds to the complete hilarity :lol:

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I love um!!!!!

This is the greatest and best song in the world....Tribute.

Long time ago me and my brother bother Kyle here, we were hitch hiking down a long and roadsome road, all of a sudden they shined a shinny demend in the middle of the road


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Where are the knowledeable music fans on this board? most of your tastes are horrible, hardly anyone on here knows fuck all about rock n roll makes me cry man.


I don't think it was supposed to be a hardcore rnr album, it was like a fun thing to do, and it is a funny album.

If you're crying at people's taste in music, maybe you're more suited to emo.

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