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Britney Spears doin a cover of a led zep song!!!??

Dan the guitar man

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Why is it that every other song she releases is a cover version? :monkey: Are her songwriters running out of ideas!

On the other hand....in how many different ways can you keep saying "I'm soooo much in love" :P

So yeah, no suprise the're out of ideas ;)

Ok...another thing... Britney will stop at nothing. She knows no boundries, and she has no respect for all that is holy. The slut covered Satisfaction for crying out loud! So I wouldn't be suprised if she'd rape a zepp song as well...

That women must be stopped! :angry:

Yeah, all we get is this soppy love stuff and "i'm not a girl now yet a woman" trying to find the woman in me etc.. :ph34r::vomit:

Give me a break!

It's an outrage. She should be put before a court of law for conspiracy to pevert the course of music.. she should be shown no mercy before it's too late!

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she's already done a cover of he rolling stones Satisfaction, doin led zep would be no different

What's also sad is that the other day I was singing 'Satisfaction' and my sister said "Cool, you're singing a Britney Spears song!"

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I'll bet if she does any Led Zep it will be D'yer M'ker...with all of those ooooooh's and ohhhhhhhh's, she'll Britneyize it (and ruin it forever).   :(

so fuckin' true....dammit britney

seriously that would be such a nightmare.......just imagine: hardcore britney fans singing messed up zeppelin songs at her shows :unsure::blink: it's fucking scary

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