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Evermore are the band with the song "Its Too Late - As Featured On The Oc".............

I hereby proclaim Evermore as the best debut band of 04...

Only fellow aussies / new zealanders would know about them, but I have to say, their album is absolutely incredible.

I first saw them at a gig which in hindsight was as good as any festival! including Keane, Snow Patrol and my new favourite band Evermore. It was at the Gaelic Club in sydney which was amazing really for what the gig was (considering that these two bands were main stage acts at glastonbury).

Anyway, enough of the snow patrol gig.

But this band evermore is seriously something special. Their album is an emotional journey which has no weak track at all.

Whats more special about this band is that they are 3 brothers from New Zealand of ages 17, 18 and 19 years of age, yet their music is like it has been written by people of far more mature an age.

They have produced the best album of 04 for me, and they deserve some kind of recognition for their songwriting.

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