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BDO 2005


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Whens the 3rd announcement?

not sure, but apparently there are numbers next to the bands on the BDO site, and the beastie boys have a #2, so im guessing they arnt headlining.

ive heard rumours about ac/dc headlining it, i have a feeling it could be true.

the announcement should be pretty soon, im thinking in the next few days

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I seriously think theyll announce ac/dc as the headliner, as they have been rumored as headliners for a while now.

Just as they said, its a big surprise,

so sounds like it could very well be

AC/DC will NOT be headlining nor will they be attending Big Day Out 2005.

All the international acts have been announced, the third lineup consists of only Australian bands. I'll add that AC/DC don't count as an Australian band.

Also - AC/DC are in the studio in January, so they can't attend.

And to further put the nail into the coffin, I read a quote from a BDO spokesperson not long ago and they said something like "AC/DC are the dream band. It's highly unlikely that they will EVER play Big Day Out, and they won't be there for 2005".

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