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What kind of voice?


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What kind of voice do you think is better for a rock singer, a deep voice (like Jim Morrison) or a high voice (like Robert Plant).

I have quite a deep voice and I want to know if that would appeal as much as a high voice.

It totally depends on your style of music. Morrison was perfect with the Doors and Plant is perfect with Zepplin. I like Morrison better but in general I like the high voices. Axl, David Usher, Liam Gallagher, David Pirner, Thom York, Bono(at times) Deep voices always seem to be limited in range. I mean Axl has a great deep voice as well(It's So easy) and yet he can nail the high notes. How often to you see a deep singer elevateing his voice to the high notes? Not very often. PLus every modern rock band on the radio these days uses a deep voice. And it all sounds like a very cheap knock off of Eddie Vedder. <_< Curse the bastards who rip off Eddie Vedder.

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