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WARNING: This post is a bit of a mindless rant/blog about my CD Collection - I'm not sure how much sense this is gonna make!

You know how you always here about bands that are "great" but you don't really know an awful lot about them? And when people talk about them your like "Yeah, they're good but I never really got them"...

I've certainly said that about a lot of bands - The Smiths, Joy Division, T-Rex to name a few - and recently I've been thinking that it's time to educate myself!

As a bit of a 90s Brit-pop fan their are hundreds of bands that influenced bands like Oasis, Blur, The Verve, Cast etc. and whilst I've always been into some of them (Dylan, the Kinks, the Beatles etc.), I just got the feeling it was time to actually educate myself musically. So recently I've spent a lot of time listening to bands like Velvet Underground, Joy Division, the Pixies and the Stone Roses.

I'm very disillusioned about modern music (altho I do think Razorlight, the Libertines, Babyshambles, the Killers and Keane are taking it back in the right direction)... And I've basically completely stopped watchingany of the MTV channels in the last year. But I have expanded my CD collection about tenfold. Whereas before I neglected most music from the late 80s onwards, my CD collection now boasts all sorts of stuff that a year ago I'd never heard of.

What I'm trying to say I think, is that musically you have to keep expanding. I've been listening to bands like Oasis and GnR for the best part of 10 years, and whilst I still enjoy listening to them there is nothing like listening to "new" music. Whether it be newly released or simply new to you.

As I said at the beginning this is a bit of a pointless rant... But I just felt I should say it! I dunno why... Maybe it's the fact that Joy Division (which I'm listening to at the moment) and in particular Ian Curtis's vocals are driving me crazy...

On that note... Does anyone wanna suggest any bands for me to listen to... I'm more of a fan of Britsh music than American music as a whole altho I do give most things a go!

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