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slayer is cool , i can actually listen to a whole slayer song without getting annoyed(most of the time)

BUT, most of the underground bands really suck in my opinion, the music sometimes is cool but i just cant stand the singing, if u can call it singing, it's just really annoying

and i cant understand how that scene keeps growing among the metal "family" :blink: , it's pretty popular here in the bay area <_< , but not for long, i'll get rid of that bs :o

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i just cant stand the singing, if u can call it singing, it's just really annoying

Yeah I know what you mean. It really takes no real talent.. I guess just a strong voice that won't fuck up screaming like that all the time. I like some screams in moderation, but when the whole song is like that it sucks.

I was watching Uranium and they all take it so seriously too.. their vocals I mean. This one guy was talking about how he looks up to this other "singer" and they sound exactly the same.. just screaming. :rolleyes:

Bands like Otep really stand out to me though, because its a girl.. and I'm like is that really her screaming like that? Wow.. its probably altered a little in the studio..otherwise its insane.

Slipknot is kinda growing on me though.. but I only like their radio friendly type songs like Vermillion, the video rocks as well.

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Do any of you like those "Uranium" type bands like Slayer and Otep?

I actually like some songs.. but its hard to get into, mostly its just kind of scary. :scared:

No not really. I never have been a fan of really heavy music. In fact Gn'R are likely the heaviest thing I listen to.

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