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They are definatly the best band at the moment. They are interesting, Loud, the giutar work is superb and they aren't just shouty like the bullshit coming from the states.

Zwitter is amazing, in fact the whole Mutter album is fantastic, definatly one of the best albums in last 10 years. Reise Riese is good especially Amerika and Mosco and Mein Teil and is a pretty good follow on from Mutter.

I just want them to tour in Scotland but lets face it that probably wont happen. :drevil:

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Didn't Rammstein come out of East Germany? :drevil: Would that not make them more communist than nazi? :drevil:

Anyway they make good music who cares. they aren't a shouty band like Cradle of filth or any of that bollocks, listen to mutter, its a pretty shit hot ballad. :drevil:

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in east germany are livingmore nazi than in the west don't ask me why. but yet Rammstein should be forbidden.

Well, I guess we still got freedom of speech. Before censoring Rammstein, Boehse Onkelz should be forbidden. But again, I don't think that even they should be forbidden.

A lot of Germans still have a weird relationship with their past (well, it's not even "their" past, it's the past of their country and maybe the past of their grandparents)

The Nazi thing with east germans is because of the high unemployment over there. People with poor education, no job and no future (in their minds) tend to be more willing to join extremist groups.

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