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The Scorpions!


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Ok I think I posted a while back that I was going to see them and I did last night. I'm just gonna give a rundown of the night cus it was my first concert and I'm still excited.

So there were 3 bands playing: The Keith Emerson Band, Tesla and the Scoprions of course. The Keith Emerson band was awful, they had all this annoying keyboard shit going on, it was just pure noise. Tesla was a pretty good live act, the singer talked about love a bit too much though.

We also had backstage passes so before Tesla came on we got back there and met the Scorpions. They were just sitting around the table passing pics around to sign and when I gave them mine, they were staring at me for some reason. Like with a surprised look on their face, maybe they're not used to seeing really young fans nowadays lol. But they were really nice, and happy to sign stuff, all smiling. It was rad.

Their show was fucking great. The drummer was absolutely off the wall, Claus's vocals are still amazing and it was loud as fuck. Lead guitarist was very good too. They played some of their new stuff plus the obvious hits. They left towards the end of the show and were gone for like 3 minutes maybe and I was like "oh come on, they can't not play Still Loving You and Rock You Like A Hurricane"! Then they came out and played those two, very popular choices.

Then after their show, we went backstage again and guess who I met?! Ronnie James Dio! I just noticed him standing there, talking to people and my friend's stepdad that I was with went over there and introduced us and Ronnie shook our hands and gave us hugs! It was so cool. He was really nice but really tiny too.

So we're hanging out and then I notice someone else who looked REAL familiar. Then I got it: it was the guy that got GNR their fucking record deal! His name is Tom Zutaut and he worked for Geffen. You guys might remember him from BTM. I wanted to go talk to him but I didn't know what to say lol.

So yeah, it was really fun. First concert PLUS backstage passes. There was also this one dude who looked a hell of a lot like James Hetfield, and finally by the end of the night my friend's stepdad asked him and he said he was, but being kinda funky about it. I don't think it was James because I've seen him on TV a lot and I'm pretty familiar with his facial features and stuff, but then again you never know. He touched my necklace too and said he liked it lol.

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