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All Roth albums are great. I actually like 1984 the least out of all the Roth albums. I like II and Women and Children First best out of Diamond Dave's era.

now Sammy...

5150 is ok, but it has a lot of the sappy Van Hagar ballads on it. don't like those much.

My favorite Sammy ones are OU812 and FUCK.

Now Gary...

Don't bother getting Gary's album unless you get REALLY into Van Halen. It has a couple of real good songs on it, and some fantastic Eddie work, but most of the songs are mediocre at best. It doesn't give you a good feel for what Van Halen is all about. this album is called Van Halen 3, by the way. It's called that because only about 3 people own it, one of them being me.

but, yes, I do suggest getting Best of Both Worlds first.

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Wrong section :rolleyes:

Anyways, Self Titled, Van Halen II and 1984 are great. Just buy best of both worlds first, see if you like that, then buy those others. Or ask DirtyDeeds.

I've got The Best of Both Worlds - I got it last month to see if I could get into VH. Anwyay, I think it's great stuff - I'll definately buy a couple more albums. Thanks for the advice as to which ones to get.

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sorry, i forgot to say what my favourtie albums were.

not many of Sammys are good....youre entering cheesy ballad area so stayt well away.

VH really rocked with Dave and the debut really shows that, 1984 is also a very good album with songs like Jump, Panama and hot for teacher.

so i would suggest collecting from the debut 1 album at a time, look out for the cover of 'Dancing inthe street' its amazing

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