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I have to let this out....


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SON OF A FUCKING BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Im getting charges pressed against me because some cocksucking kids i threatened to kill 3 fucking months ago are fucking whinning that they feel unsafe with me around them. I DIDNT EVEN FUCKING MEAN IT! I already got fucking suspended from school for 2 weeks couldnt the cocksuckers be happy with it like that? NO THEY CANT CAUSE THEY ARE PUSSSY ASS MOTHER FUCKERS! they told me off so i retaliated and what did teh fuckers do? Told the cops. Man im pissed right now

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sorry just this is the place where i can let all my anger out without breaking anything. Its just that for the passed 3 months ive been the perfect student perfect everythingc ause if i do one more thing im gone from my school, and now they are trying to take that way from me.

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Why did you threaten to kill these kids? Have they been annoying you? Have you been bullying them? and what were your exact words to them?

its cause they kept telling me to go fuck myself ect... and they were trying to get a rise out of me so i gave them one. I didnt mean one word of it, but they went home and cried to their mommys and then to the police.

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