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Hartford 2002


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Just got back home from the best show I've ever seen.

First order of business. Axl,lose CKY and Mix Master Mike, they really suck. It wasn't a sellout, I'd say 8,000 out of a possible 12,000. That was disappointing, but that’s partly because this wasn't the most marketed tour I've ever seen, and lastly because, Hey, this is Connecticut what the f%$k do they know. God, I miss NY in that respect.

Da boys came on at about 10:37, and wrapped up at about 12:30. The set list is below.

Second order of business. Who pays these f#^king review guys from the Boston Globe etc, Metallica?

I sure as hell don't know what they are listening to. With all due respect to Slash and the rest of the old guys, and I did love them, but Axl is back and as good as ever. And the new guys aren't slouches, either. They covered the old tunes beautifully, it was like turning the clock back to 1989. And the new tunes, particularily Madagascar and Chinese Democracy, kick A##S. Axl, please release that CD real soon, we can't wait for it. Robin Finck and Buckethead are awesome, and BH in particular in an awesome technical guitarist, very clean. And Fincks got a lot of soul. Brain is awesome.

But Hartford rocked tonight, the crowd was loving Axl and crew, and the chicks were hot.. GNR is alive and well, and we're waiting for the second coming to once again revitalize the music industry, as they did back at the end of the Eighties. 


Setlist :

Welcome to the Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone

Live and Let Die

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

You Could Be Mine

Sweet Child O Mine


Out Ta Get Me

Finck Solo 1

November Rain

Buckethead solo

The Blues

Think About You

Rocket Queen

Chinese Democracy



Finck Solo 2

Paradise City



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