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Velvet Revolver in Atlanta Sunday


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I just won 2 floor tickets to see velvet revolver this sunday. I've been trying all week to get through the radio since there aren't any good ticks available now, and I got through!!! I got 2 ticks and a meet and greet with some other band(jimmy eat world), this is some kind of festival with all these bands playin and velvet is closing out the show. Do you guys know how picky they are about having their pics taken? I know it depends on the venue, but I wonder if the band members mind, since I've seen so many concert pics on the web. I just dont want scott to pull an AXL on me.

Also, I have an extra ticket if anyone's in the area and wants to go, I really hate dragging buds that are not really into them, it's more fun going with Fans like myself/

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I was at the Chicago show, and I was able to sneak a camera in, but the security guards guarding the stage didn't care. It didn't look like the band did much either, not really anything they could do on stage. So you should be alright as long as you can sneak it in, I would give you some advice but you're not a girl so it won't work. If you're going with a girl I can help you. Let me know.

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How was jimmy eat world? I have some backstage passes to meet them tommorrow, but i've never heard of them........im gonna try very hard to see if could meet velvet revolver instead, but i dont know how's thats gonna play out.

Good Luck. Jimmy Eat World is so much better live than on their CDs

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