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GG Allin

Pig Vomit

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GG Allin was probably the most disgusting human being to ever live. Rember back in the 90's when people would protest Marilyn Manson shows because of the things he did on stage? GG Allin made Manson look like a choir boy. Shit, GG would make Satan himself look like a choir boy.

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gg is a legend of legends.

not sane or remotely respectable by any stretch of the imagination, but a fucking legend none the less.

he did more for punk rock than you snot nosed fucks will ever fathom.

We got different ideas of punk, my punk heroes are the clash who called for revolution and to fuck shit up and fight the system and the godawful society of the bleak time they were living in. GG allin was a dirty tramp whose act seemed to revolve around being shocking for the sake of it, he revelled in being a pathetic junkie loser who sang (in the loosest terms of the word sing) songs about fucking children and shit and piss and so on, anyone can do this, its not hard. Yes, he was messed up but he had no talent whatsoever to express any valid emotion through his music, he just swore a lot and threatened to beat people up, whats progressive about that? punk? i doubt it.

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