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Mystic Knights Of The Demon Realm


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Me and my mates decided to make a band about a year ago. 2 of us can actually play instruments but you probably can't tell from the music. We are shit, we know it, but strangely i find some of the songs are quite pleasurable and funny. We've actually had a gig believe it or not :lol:

Some samples for you to listen to (if they work):


Trapped With A Mad Man

The Dragon Battle Remix - Way too funny.

Anyway, you'll probably think we're crap but we know we are.

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it was a gig at school, we were all dressed up in like halloween costumes, i was a girl with a nice pink dress.

successful? not really, the guy in charge of the curtains closed them on us. People were starting to enjoy it in the crowd somehow. us and the second band scared off everyone so the actual good bands had no one to watch them.

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