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Has anyone on this forum ever heard of a band called "Scatterbrain"?

I believe they are a band from the late 80's early 90's hailing from New York!

From what I have read they were a punk/ metal band made up from the remains of a band called "Ludichrist" Lead Singer and Guitarist I believe!!

Apparently their biggest claim to fame was a song called "Dont Call Me Dude"!

If anyone has ANY info please help!! :(

Desperately seeking tabs for this band!

Come on guys help a chica out! :rolleyes:

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I know about their albums! I have been searching the net for 4 days trying to find the tabs to a song called "Dont Call Me Dude" but I dont think they exist... well not on the internet anyway!!

That is why I was hoping someone on the forum may have heard of them and played their songs!

Thanks for your help anyway!

Sharon :)

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Desperate times call for desperate measures!! :blink:

One of the many many talented guitarists on this forum! :heart: please download this song and decipher it for me! I know jack about music so I cant do it myself <_< otherwise I would! :(

Can anyone help me out?? please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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