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Bands from your homeland


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Are there any bands from your area that really make you proud?

I'm from Georgia and Outkast, The Allman brothers, and usher really make me proud to be from Georgia.I have also spent a large part of my life in Minnesota, and they have Prince.


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I'm from New Zealand.

Our music successors include Crowded House, whos song "Don't Dream its Over" made it to number 2 in the US, but they did alot better in the UK. The chick in the thompson Twins was from New Zealand, OMC I believe cracked the US charts with How Bizarre a few years ago, The Datsuns made the UK charts last year, some pop loser named Daniel Bedingfield who was born in New Zealand did well in the UK charts, Jon Stevens who replaced Michael Hutchings in INXS when he died was a New Zealander and thats all I can think of so far.

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Hmmm, my 2 favorite dutch bands would be Racoon and The Sheer. But they just had some national fame. I've seen The Sheer live recently, MAN they kick ass! The singer is very charismatic on stage.

Well, The Golden Earing made some good songs as well.

And if you cound Eddie Van Halen as dutch, he's a great player. But he was born and raised in the states wasn't he?

Anyway, people should check The Sheer out.


It Only Gets Better is my favorite song.


Ron, Focus are Dutch!!!!!!

And and and Focus leads to Jan Akkerman and he's Dutch too!

Oh and I'm deadproud of being from the same country as, like, all the most amazing bands in the world!

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