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anyone like Cinderella


anyone like Cinderella  

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there not as bad as made out to be but I think they pretty much suck and that singer is horrible

Really? I always loved his voice.

I think they're ok. Better than Poison, that's for sure. The reason I brought Poison into it is because those two are always referred to as the cheesy 80s pop-metal. Cinderella was, but I can actually stand listening to them. And *gasp* sing along sometimes.

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I will admit this i actually enjoy poison <_< they are very catchy and wrote some great hooks that were very marketable to sell. I'm not saying their john lennon or anything but if you just listen to them their just a fun pop rock band that are an enjoyable guilty pleasure

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anyone like Cinderella

well, vote children  :lol:

Cinderella's pretty cute. But those wicked step-sisters were pretty fuckin' mean! I was pretty happy when she finally put on the glass slipper and got the prince! B)

Yeah, CInderella is okay, but I like the bitch that ate the apple better!!!

:lol: :chef: :lol:

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