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Mand don't you all just love Yes anyway?

First concert I ever went to was a Yes gig. Was terrible. :( . The instruments were so disorted, and the sound so unclear you couldnt here A WORD that was being said, and couldnt tell any notable difference between songs. The one thing that you could hear though, were the keyboard solo's. It was mesmerising and made the rest of the night worth it.

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Mand don't you all just love Yes anyway?

ha :mellow:

Ha what?!

Mand see you're like my Dad, after I started listening to Deep Purple he just hated them, even though it used to be like his favourtie band or soemthing.

Then it happened to Creedence Clearwater, and ha that's just weird anyway.

And mand you should love Yes again anyway should you...

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