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How May KISS Fans We Got Here


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KISS is fucking awsome...i saw a tribute band in August called Dynasty...did everythign KISS does, the blood, shooting fire with kerosene (or whatever they use), there was a platform in the crowed that he sung on for one song (forgot which), had the beth solo thing...the show started with Detroit Rock City and ended with Rock and Roll all Nite...what more could you want?

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I like 70's era Kiss for the most part

Kiss Destroyer is a great recording.

I hate that era and that song lol. I hate all the KISS Make up from the masked era's apart from creatures, they were crapped mask with certain members. You cannot beat bruce kulick and eric carr.

But my favourite era ever has to be the revenge era, so fucking cool

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I dont know, i like eric singer better than eric carr. And bruce kulick was awsome, i like him much more than ace frehely. Yep the unmasked days were there best, i like them alot with their make up on, but even better with no make up on =)

Kiss are a great live band, no one can beat them live, true entertainers. But they have sold out alot :|

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I FUCKING LOVE KISS! Just about as much as GNR. I was brought up on KISS and they are my first memory of any kind of music at all! Only very few bands can even compare with their live show. It's certainly one of, if not, the best show I've ever seen. KISS DO AND ALWAYS WILL KICK ASS!

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