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"My" last rant of 2004


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I've said before that I'm no major fan of U2 but I do appreciate bands that are deservedly among the greatest bands ever - U2 deserve it because they have continuously tried to progress and not make the same album twice. Admittedly, I think they have lost their way with the last two albums, but for them to be as relevant as they are at this stage of their career, and still be able to achieve No. 1 singles, is amazing. They must be doing something right.

It's just typical of some fools though to try and pull them down because of their lack of "cool", Bono's ego, or his campaign for causes like Aids, World Debt, and Fair Trade etc. Like bodgers said, Bono and every other musician could through their millions at these causes and it would help slightly in the short-term, but to put these countries on a more solid foundation for their own future development, there needs to a worldwide consensus to eliminate debt and to eliminate the inequalities in trade that makes our countries richer, while the poor countries get poorer. Many of the these countries have been colonised by countries like Britain and France in the past and they are still being robbed today. It's high time this stopped.

Topics like these are never taken on by high-profile politicians until there are millions dying, or there is something in it for them. Therefore, we need people like Geldof and Bono to stick their necks on the line and get up of their arses to do something about it. To do it, they do need to:

- lecture and preach

- be seen talking to Bush, Blair, Chirac, the Pope, etc.

- argue the case with organisations like the G8 for providing more help to eliminate debt and to increase awareness of AIDS and dispel some of the awful theories about it in Africa (some people still believe that child rape is a cure!!!)

- increase awareness among the general public so that they will lobby the government into making things happen (if this involves making shit records then it's a cross they and we have to bare)

You lot can slate Bono's music all you like but the only alternative you have found to his crusading is to throw his millions at these issues and hope that they go away (as if by magic!). Even Bono's millions wouldn't make the slightest of dents - World Debt is billions, not millions.

So back to the Poll then - some of you have voted Bono as a bigger prick than someone like Pete Doherty (a heroin addict who has only made one decent album, and who treats his mates and fans like shit) and even Justin Hawkins (who hasn't made a decent album, who has a ego bigger than Bono's, and who hasn't done anything to help anyone but himself).

It's time for a rethink. People can still think of rock n'roll cool as being a total cliche and wreck hotel rooms etc. Or the new cool can be to do something constructive and force a total rethink on how the world works to eliminate inequalities. You're a fool if you go for the cliche."



That was a quote from Gobby_C*ck. A member of The Music's fan forum. The whole debate centered around the biggest idiot in music. Bono was second with 33% of the vote slightly behind Justin Hawkins. I loved Gobby_C*ck's arguement because it came from someone who is not a U2 fan and I thought he said it excellently. He's completely objective and I think he nailed it(Though I loved the last two albums especially HTDAAB). Bono is not only one of the coolest people in music but he's one of the coolest people period.

There ya go. My last rant of the years is actually someone elses rant. :lol: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a safe, fantastic New Years.


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