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What Do You Think Of The New Motley Crue Song?


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Great topic cause it's never been put out this way I think?!

Now as a Mötley fan,I cried the first week I listened to and watched the new video!

It's awesome,it's perfect!!!

That's how I feel.

I also think it's a pretty good song, but i'm most excited about the upcoming tour!

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I thought it was shit at first then I found the following out and now I know why-

New MÖTLEY CRÜE Single Is A SIMPLE PLAN Leftover - Dec. 13, 2004

Karen Bliss of JAM! Music is reporting that the new MÖTLEY CRÜE single, "If I Die Tomorrow", is actually a leftover song from SIMPLE PLAN's recording sessions for their latest album, "Still Not Getting Any..." The common denominator is Bob Rock, who produced the CRÜE's new material after completing work with the Montreal rock band.

"It's pretty dope to be thinking that such a influential huge band chose to work on a song that we wrote, for their comeback, their greatest hits package and their reunion tour. It's pretty amazing," says SIMPLE PLAN drummer Chuck Comeau, who co-writes SIMPLE PLAN's songs with singer Pierre Bouvier. "They just shot a video. The song's going to radio. It's pretty mind-blowing."

After Rock produced SIMPLE PLAN's follow-up to the 2002's 1.7 million selling debut, "No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls", he went to work with the reformed MÖTLEY CRÜE line-up (Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars). Knowing the metal band was looking for new songs to add to its 2-CD anthology, "Red, White & Crue", Rock brought "If I Die Tomorrow" with him.

"It's fun that we wrote the song and we loved it when we wrote it but it didn't really sound like it belonged on the album," says Comeau.

"After our project, (Bob) was going to work with MÖTLEY CRÜE on like four new songs and they were looking for people to the write with and looking for songs, so Bob played them the song and they really liked it. (Bassist) Nikki Sixx worked on some stuff on it, changed a few lines, then they recorded it. It's the original line-up that recorded it, and we're really stoked about it.

Sixx didn't alter much, says Comeau, just a few lines in the verse and some other minor things, but it was enough to give the band a piece of the publishing.

"Anytime you write a song with anybody, you have to figure out how you split it up, and it was really chill with them and cool. They could have been jerks and said, 'We're MÖTLEY CRÜE. We gotta take this.' But they're not like that at all. They were always gentlemanly. It was awesome." Read more.


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I wake up to find myself

After all these years

And where all the time has gone

Still seems so unclear

'Cause there's no one else

Since I found you

I know it's been so hard

You should know

I dont know, that doesnt sound like something that simple plan would write. There not that old "to find themselves after all these years", nikki is married, with kids, so it sounds like a nikki sixx song. Plus motley obviously did live on the edge, and with nikki clinically dying, its a great song for him to write. Why the fuck would a pussy band like simple plan write a song, than again linkin park write songs about pain, and anger, in their perfect lives.

If simple plan did write the lyrics, well im very dissapointed in the crue. They could write way better shit than simple plan any day, so why are they using their shit ?

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That's the wierd thing.

I think it sounds very much like Nikki could've wrote it.

And I think this song sounds more "Motley Crue" than both the 94 album and Generation Swine.

I meant it doesn't sound like the old school Motley. But you're right, it definitely has the feel of Motley with John Corabi to it though. ;)

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