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Epiphone Standard's any good?

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it`s very good for beginners and even more. i own a epiphone les paul standart and it`s mor than enough for me. i tried i real gibson once and didn`t hear any difference till a real pro came up and played on it. and he said before you ever buy something expensive make sure you can get everything out of the old one.

so as mister bo said one time don`t spend too much on equipment make sure you practice. so i guess an epiphone will be a good choice.

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I got a '95 Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro pickups and Jim Dunlop Jumbo 6100 frests and it rocks hard!!! It's the best guitar that you can have (for playing GNR, Led Zep, Aerosmith, and RNR in general) for a "low" price. The only thing that beats this is a real GIBSON. Not less.

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I have

Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone SG

Dean Z

All are great guitars and serve me well.

Out of all those,

The Les Paul LOOKS the nicest

The SG is the easiest to play

The Dean Sounds the nicest

Try and get an Epi Les Paul. but get quite thin strings (about 9 gauge). And it will be the best.

nooooo, using thin strings on a short neck is just foolish. you get much much nicer tone with 10s or even hybrid 10s/11s (with thicker strings on lower, or a wound third)

the les paul neck is short compared to the strat, and most other guitars so needing thin strings to be able to bend doesn't apply. seriously tho your pickups are just glorified magnets and thicker strings give them more to play with, therefore nicer tone.

and yeh get the epiphone les paul, if you get the good one (i think they make the les paul 100, which is shit, the standard and the custom, which is good) then they compare really well to a real gibson studio, its never the same as the real thing but for a beginner guitarist its really good. its worth buying the ebst you can afford so you don't need something new in a year. and try and get the shop to set it up for you.

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Thanks guys for the advice. I'm not getting a epi though. I'm getting a Agile from Rondomusic.net

Agile AL-3000 Prestige Slim Profile Neck: US $369.95 Online

al3000csbf5a9wt.jpg .al3000bk5a5nh.jpg


#Neck Taper (thickness) at the first fret is 17mm and 21mm at the 12th fret. (vs: 21.5 mm at the 1st fret and 23.5mm at the 12th fret for the standard AL-3000 model)

#High quality Book-Matched Flame Canadian Maple Top (100% real wood top-not a photo top!)

#Solid mahogany (not a multi-ply!) arch top body

#Triple bound body, and headstock. Single binding on neck.

#Improved Nickel plate hardware, including Nickel die-cast Grover tuners with 18-1 turning ratio for ultra fine tuning (Model 102-18N)

#Two Type V Alnico humbucker pickups for warm, tradional sound

#The AL-3000 now comes with improved wiring (single conductor braided 18 gauge American wire for pickups), improved pots (now higher voltage with brass shafts for reduced noise) and an improved pickup selector switch

#Two volume and two tone controls, plus a three way pickup selector switch

#One piece Mahogany set neck with 13.7" (350mm) radius neck for fast play and adjustable truss rod

#Ebony fretboard with 22 Jumbo frets and real Abalone Trapezodial inlays

#The AL-3000 features GHS strings installed at the factory and a professionally cut bone nut

#A pre-cut graphite nut is also included in the bag with the trus rod adjuster for those who prefer graphite

#Width of the neck at the nut: 1 5/8"; at the 21st fret: 2 3/16"

#Neck Taper (thickness) at the first fret: 17mm; at the 12th Fret: 21mm

#Overall length: 40"; Scale length: 24.7"

#Body thickness: 2" at edge; Width at the widest point: 13"

#Actual Weight is only 10 lbs

This is the Epi Standard: Cost US$ 599 Online



#Binding: body and neck

#Body: Mahagony/Alder

#Fingerboard: Rosewood

#Inlays: Trapezoids

#machine heads: Chrome

#Set Neck

#Neck: Mahogany

#2 humbuckers

#Scale 24 3/4"

#top wood: Flame maple

I think the Agile does it for me on both price and specs:

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I've read reviews of those Agile guitars and no one ever says anything negative about them. I was even thinking about picking up one of their baritones. The only thing about them that I don't like is their weight; 10 pounds seems kind of light.

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