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New Songs by old bands


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Well, with the old bands that are still doing their thing, the trend seems to be to release a greatest hits package with 2-4 new songs thrown in. But it seems that one of these songs is always among my top three favorite songs of that band all-time. How do you feel about this? agree?

I mean, The Stones released Forty Licks. And "Don't Stop" is one of my favorite Stones tracks. Van Halen released "The Best of Both Worlds" and "Up for Breakfast" became one of my favorite VH tracks. and then The Who released "Then and Now" And "Real Good Looking Boy" is a fucking AMAZING song, my favorite Who song ever, and one of my favorite songs of any artist ever.

I wish these people would make new full-length albums, but at least the new stuff they do release is real quality stuff.

... actually, each of the three bands I listed are supposed to release new full-length studio albums in 2005. This should be awesome.

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i think Vr had a couple good songs...old band members

aerosmith's new direction with honking on bobo was great and made some good songs too....

we are all forgeting u2's new album and vertigo and all that...

we have aerosmith's new record from 2002 that had a ton of good stuff that also appeared on the O yeah! aerosmith's greatest hits..... or w.e the O YEA! album was called

there's a couple that i just mentioned

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