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So what do you think about this band?

They are called Roctum and they just signed a new 2+1 album deal & 1 DVD. (and this is true)

They rock! Just watch the video and you'll agree (well maybe) B) :lol: It has alot of foreworks and energy :D And beautiful band members :rolleyes: Anyway they kind of remind of The Darkness...Enjoy

Everything Disappears



Theres a scary picture of their singer Stunk-Man (???)

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Are you sure it's not suppose to be "rectum"??.

lol they really are shite

edit:how the fuck do they remind you of the darkness, HOW???


No it's Roctum. :rolleyes:

Anyway they remind of Darkness caus they fool around and try to be over-the-top rock-n-roll too. But of course Darkness is a much better quality band, playing wise, singing wise etc.And look at the pic in the first post, they wear tights too lol. But Roctum still rocks :rolleyes: .

And isn't it a bit unfair to compare Roctum to Hanoi Rocks too :D

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