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Jefferson Airplane


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Man yeah I did some search and I find it weird I never did some topic on them :mellow:

Because it's been like my favourite international band forever. Along with the Experience and the Band of Gypsys.

But I just got After Bathing at Baxter's, and that album is so amazing anyway.

In fact I think Surrealistic Pillow is pretty overrated :mellow:

And all you guitarist-discussing clever people should just love Jorma Kaukonen and Kantner anyway :mellow:

But but but, who likes them anyway?

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I'm stil trying to get into them, I've got the first two albums; jefferson airplane takes off and surrealistic pillow so far and they're alright. I think takes off is maybe the better album, though surrealistic pillow has the more recognisable songs for me anyway. Plus on my cd's I got loads of bonus tracks, so that's a pretty cool bonus :P

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I always liked Jefferson airplane. Started listening to them when I was hm...12 (?). But then I made a short break for some reason and got back into them like last year.But guess what...I left like all of their stuff some 6k miles from here so it sucks. I have to download all those songs and like...it is not always quite easy to find everything you want...

*checking amazon*

But I got money!...well not really

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Some old hippie, psychedelic genius-band. :mellow:

Mand I like After Bathing at Baxter's, Takes Off and Bark anyway. Well actually I like them all :mellow:

Like I said, I don't think Surrealistic Pillow is as good as the others. Even though it has White Rabbit.

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