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VR's (Contraband) Vs U2's (How To dismantle...)


Which Album Do You Like Better?  

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I'll go with How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. I'm gonna guess though that Contraband will win this poll considering where it's taking place(Gn'R forum) :lol: Contraband has no feeling. Sure it may rock hard at times but it's empty. HTDAAB is U2's best album since Achtung baby and possibly thier most emotional album. there is no comparison in my mind.

This poll should be limited to only people who have actually heard both albums.

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Both are great hard rock albums. I didn't like Contraband when i first bought it, but the tracks have grown on me and i like it alot now, and listen to it regulary. HTDAAB is a good album with some great songs, however there are some songs on the album which seem to let the rest of it down.

I think the problem with U2 is that they have such a rich back catalouge, with some huge hits and some unforgettable albums so obviously the new stuff with be compared to TJT etc. Obviously Contraband was a debut and therefore it will not be compared to previous albums - well only the GNR ones.

So overall i think Contraband wins it for me.


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