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im not sure if this have been discussed before, but....

who else got pissed when watched mick and justin singing together??

i never thought keith richards, the lord of cool, would ever let something like this happen...gross gross gross......

miss you used to be my fav rolling stones song...im disapointed.

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didnt this happen a long time ago? and i believe the fans threw beer bottles at that bastard (timberlake). i was pretty disappointed that the stones have become such a pop band nowadays. but o well, they can still play their arses off

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old news for the newbies of music.....rolling stones, aerosmith, queen are all sell-outs.

thnx for your attention, carry on.

i honestly don't give a damn about it.

well dont whine about them going on stage with justin, britney and eminem then :heart:

there are more ways to be a sell-out...not just singing with assholes...

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when was this

The Stones playing with Justin Timberlake happened in late 2003, if I'm not mistaken. They talk about it for a bit on the Four Flicks DVD, and that covers their mid-late 2003 concerts.

It was in Toronto, for the SARS thing, wasn't it? So right after the SARS.

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