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skid row


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Cool you stumbled across skid row now.. Shame how good music from that era gets pushed away.. I loved their debut, i remember you, 18 and life and youth gone wild were some really cool rockers. and ballads.. :shades:

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I heard they are getting back together.

No way all rumours, bach just did an interview basicly saying that he hates skid row now and all its members especially his replacement. Old school skid row is great, i can decide which one of their 3 cds is the best but slave to teh grind is amazing.

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Skid Row is awesome! One of my favorites. They had some very good albums such as 'Slave to the Grind'. I like their sound, it's really hardcore. But then again they did have some dumb songs that were a little too cheesy for my liking. Over all they are a kick ass band! Sebastian Bach has a great voice and is very easy on the eyes. :wub::P

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Sebastain Bach was on Broadway recently.

I really hope they do get together. Maybe Skid Row can tour with GnR like they did in the early '90s.

My friend met him. He was doing Jekyl and Hyde. She met him outside the stage door when the show was over. I saw the play twice myself. Great play. I saw it with the original lead and then with Jack Wagner. Had I known that Sebastain Bach would have been the next lead, I would have waited to see it again.

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Generic pop hair metal. :o:(

Some okay material but nothing near GNR.

Generic pop metal? :lol:

Have you even listened to Slave to the Grind? On their second album Skid Row got almost as heavy as Metallica. That's why I can't help but eat a few pastries when someone calles them hair or pop metal. So untrue dude.

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