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When does a band become classic rock?


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Ok so today me and my g/f were in my bedroom and she's flipping thru the stations on my radio and she comes across a "pop" station...more or less the crap side of the music industry. So anyway, 1985 by Bowling For Soup comes one. She loves the song, and being a good b/f i let her listen to it, the whole time suffering severe hearing damage while trying to poke my eardrums with Q-tips so the awful sound will be hushed. Anyway, anyone that knows the song (and for rhose that don;t), theres the line "and when did Motley Crue become classic rock?" Well, i've always considered Crue to be hair metal...nowhere near classic rock. So, i ask you guys and girls, when do you consider a band to be "classic rock?" Like age wise or other...

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I say 20 abut 20 years from where they started and they are rememberes by a big amount of people, and are recognized by their achievements, besides being liked not only by the people that like that genre, but by people that are more into other kinds of genres as well.

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