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New song from acoustic demo

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man, these songs are amazing, i wouldnt be surprised if you made it pretty damn far with these, i hope the right person hears this and you become big...i like your axl influence in your voice, but how you dont over do it and you keep it your own voice, truly great songs

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Gah, i don't want to register.. <_<  :angry:


It's worth it.

I hesitated too -- but Lame Ass Security's songs are really amazing -- especially "Coming Down." His voice gives me chills -- and I don't find that very often when I listen to music. I'm even burning the track onto a CD to listen to it more. No kidding.

I really hope you pursue your music dude.

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I'm just bumping this up to the top again, and urging people to listen to this guy's tracks. His voice and lyrics are amazing.

I know you have to register at that site to listen to the tracks -- but it's worth it. His music is awesome, and I'd like to hear everyone else's thoughts.

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Hey thats really good. I remember you PM'ed me last time, sorry I never got around to listening that time-- couldn't get my password, but I listened to both and they're really good.

You should take the rating down to G or something so people don't have to register. ACIDplanet is annoying because its hard to remember the password they set for you. That's why I didn't get yours last time.

Anyways, really good. You have a really intense voice. Good luck with everything. :)

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