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Radiobaghdad / Irish Car Bomb

Guest Edward Rose

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Guest Edward Rose

I'd like to indroduce you all to my best friend's band from the mid-90's, and let you know who they are today.

Back in the 90's they were "Radiobaghdad." (Originally named in 1988) Funny how the drummer, Chris Goldbach, named this band "Radiobaghdad" so long ago... even before the first Iraq war. But I guess when you know the right people, there are no secrets... even the future isn't safe from prying eyes.

So anyway, this is a song that the singer of Radiobaghdad wrote about me. Yes, he DID write this song about me because he TOLD me he did. (I was their guitar tech) The song is called "Dan Burrito." I didn't really get it all those years ago, but now I do. It's a little diddy about a guy who is sort of kidnapped... sort of "Lost in The Garden of Eden." But people who like him help him get free, and he makes it out around half-time.


Most of those guys from Radiobaghdad except the singer and one guitar player, are now in a band called Irish Car Bomb. They're going to Europe in a few days... for two weeks. So look for them. They kick ass. The drummer, Chris Goldbach, is the best damn drummer you'll ever see in your fucking life. We used to call him "Spikey" in the late 80's when we were teens... now everyone just calls him "Goldbach." (pronounced "gold-bock")

One more thing; That line "make sure you sign your name at the dotted line," has to do with The IRS.

Edward Rose

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