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We Will Rock You - The Musical


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Has anyone else seen it, i donno if it's all round the world or what.. i assume it would be... But yeah.. its a musical about Queen, was really good. My whole family went last night, i was skeptical but turned out to be awesome... Anyone seen it? :unsure:

Yeah, the plot wasent the greatest, but what dyu expect? I liked the way they did the songs and the screen asking the crowd if they wanted to hear bohemian rhapsody! Gnr Musical!!!!!!

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I loved that show. HILARIOUS. But then again my sense of humour is strange. The plot wasn't exactly what I was expecting for a Queen Musical.

Gnr Musical!!!!!!

Isn't there a musical about Axl? Called "White Trash Wins Lotto" or something?

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It wasnt a musical about Queen! It just features the songs and many references!


Fuck have a spaz about wording... it was merely a thread to see if anyone else had seen it and or enjoyed it. The easiest way to describe it is its a musical about queen... ok mabye its a musical about the demise of modern music but ppl would have gone... never heard of it.. wtf musical is that...

Thankyou.. go away

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