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Busted decide to split !


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Boy band Busted decide to split

Chart-topping band Busted have announced they are to split up.

The decision comes just days after band member Charlie Simpson said he was temporarily parting company with bandmates James Bourne and Matt Willis.

"It's a really sad day for all of us, but we've always said that if one member left then we'd call it a day," Willis told Busted's official website.

"This has been a really difficult decision and I hope the fans will understand," added Simpson.


"We're not going to carry on because Busted needs to be remembered the way Busted was - not two of us carrying it on," said the band's James Bourne at a press conference in central London.

"We're sorry the fans had to find out through the papers. We wanted to tell them ourselves," he added.

Simpson, 19, said he wanted to "set the record straight" after speculation about the group's future.

He added he wanted to quash rumours about not getting on with his bandmates, saying: "I've had the most amazing three years."

Bourne, 21, said he was "devastated" about Simpson's departure, to concentrate on his other musical project, a band called Fightstar. :o

The act have been playing together for a year. Busted's split comes a day after Fightstar added 13 dates to a UK tour.

read the full report here:


Alleluia! Maybe all the others should follow suit :lol::P

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I've heard about them from people in the UK, but I've never actually heard their music. From what people say, I guess I should be grateful.. I think they had a reality tv/documentary type show on MTV2 that I caught like 3 minutes of. They're some really ugly guys...all that bleach and hair gel can't hide those ugly teeth and that bad skin.

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Before the split they were in actually trying to break America for months, but hmm.. doesn't look like they had any success there!

They were manufactured pop with a young teenage girl fanbase trying to be a rock act or something :huh: They danced and jumped around on stage with guitars that didn't even have jacks in and they mimed quite a lot to. Even their frontman (sorta) said they "weren't the sort of band he'd want to be in by any stretch of the imagination" So that says it all really. :lol:

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I don't see why Europe should rejoice now they've split, they were a one hit wonder who'll never get in the charts again.

Actually one of them is forming a new band called Fightstar or something :shocked: You know, the one with the large eyebrows?

But i'm not holding my breath for that one!

Anyway.. Woooooooohh celebration! :lol:

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