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The Hives

Sunset Strip

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How was GN'R life changing?

b4 i knew about GnR i wuz kinda nothing... i didnt listen to ANY type of music at all or n e thing...like my whole life wuz around Final Fantasy VII and thats about it <_<

then GnR came in and now im all musical n shit and eveything about me is music

its just to ME it doesnt have to b to N E one else


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The hives are bloody awesome

their albums are pretty simple music. Like they dont try to make their songs overly complicated but thats intentional...

They get to the point, and then make that be it rather than taking it to death.

where this band wins out is in their live show

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I think their songs are to simular...

they are not so much similar, as just short, without changing much in their dynamic.

Like all their songs are very different, but like they are all heavy (i.e. they wouldn't touch a ballad lol) and they are all short and dont employ many mechanisms in a song, i.e. a bridge, extended solo, etc etc to make their songs seem largely different.

The hives have always been a live playing band that just happened to record some of their tunes on album. They are albums which are marvellous to listen to for the first few times but you can get sick of them very easily wwhich is their drawback, but then their live show is something special.

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I think their songs are to simular...

(i.e. they wouldn't touch a ballad lol)

Have you not heard "Find Yourself Another Girl" off the Veni Vidi Vicious album? You should change that to they SHOULDN'T touch a ballad haha.

Anyway, alright band but nothing special at all.

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