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help spreading this Axl's/Duff's birthday plan


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>Hey GNR Fans,


>Because Axl's birthday is on the 6th of februari we want to do something.

>The idea is to let at least send 2000 GNR-fans a postcard (not an email) to


>They will get so much cards that they probably send it out on MTV an maybe

>on other channels. That's the idea, axl will probably hear it and that's the

>point. And another thing is that GNR will be some sort of a media point...

>That's what we want he? Guns N' Roses has to be bigger as ever...

>You can write whatever you want in the postcard but the first word in it or

>the second one must be Axl or something. The MTV people will not read the

>rest if they get a lot of cards.

>(u can also write happy birthday to Duff, then u just have to write 2 cards,

>his birthday is on the 5th)

>I want everybody to send it if it's possible not later than 31 Januari to



>The Adress is probably :


>MTV Production and Development,

>1515 Broadway,

>New York, New York 10036.

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