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VR on tour

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Here are the tour dates for VR's next tour.

3/24: Centennial Gardens, Bakersfield, CA

3/25: Compaq/Bill Graham Civic Center, San Francisco

3/26: Forum, Los Angeles

3/28: Cox Arena, San Diego

3/29: America West, Phoenix

3/31: TBA, Las Cruces, NM

4/1: American Airlines Arena, Dallas

4/2: Reliant Arena, Houston

4/4: UNO Arena, New Orleans,br> 4/7: American Airlines Arena, Miami

4/8: TD Waterhouse, Tampa

4/9: Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville

4/11: Gwinett Center, Atlanta

4/12: Cricket Arena, Charlotte, NC

4/14: Constant Convocation Center, Norfolk, VA

4/15: Patriot Center, Washington, D.C.

4/16: TBA, New York City

4/18: Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY

4/19: Cobo/Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit

4/21: Savvis Center, St. Louis

4/22: US Cellular, Milwaukee, WI

4/23: Target, Minneapolis, MN

4/25: Magness/Pepsi Center, Denver

4/26: E Center, Salt Lake City, UT

4/29: Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC

4/30: Key Arena/Everette Arena, Seattle, WA


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Thats awesome that they are goin on another american tour. I went to the one in philly and it was awesome, everyone was into it, and VR sounded great. Me and my friends were on the floor and it was great. Though i noticed that during the gnr songs, not a lot of people knew the lyrcis. Not even on the VR songs. They seemed to be more STP fans, based on there shirts, and they did know the lyrics to the STP songs played. My friend especially loved it since he touched Duff's hand. lol. But they arent coming back to philly, which makes me pissed. NEW GNR better tour in philly, cuz they owe us. (flashback: quasi-riot in philly cuz gnr didnt go on). I can only hope

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

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