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Is Robert Plant Gay?


Is Robert Plant Homosexual?  

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No? well is't that his business then? he was married anyway..

i find this thread completly guh anyway

So is it safe to assume that you're completely gay since you couldn't resist contributing to what you feel is a completely gay thread?

...and that's ok.



If you believe that marriage is a clear indicator of a man's sexuality then you are a fool.

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Who cares :)

Many great artists were gay. It doesn't make their music any better or worse, nor does it make him a better or worse person. Who cares where the guy likes to stick his weiner. As long as it's of legal age and human. :)

I agree but, again, I was just a little surprised and was wondering if I was the only one who didn't know this.

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Of Course Not,what made you think that he is

A reliable source told me: A client of mine is good friends with the likes of Elton John, Stevie Nicks and who knows who else. After I watched the documentary DVD from the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert I was curious so I asked my client if he knew if Robert Plant was gay or not and he said he was as if it was commonly known.

I would never care to pass a rumor like this and I can't imagine why anyone else would.


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Who gives a fuck? All I care about is that he fucking rocks. I saw him open for The Who. They may have fucking rocked, but Robert Plant was damn close to being better. Why his sexuality makes a difference, I don't know. I mean, he was in Led Zeppelin, and his solo stuff is almost as good. I've never thought about it n I have no opinion on it. If he is, more power to him. If he's not, ok. Who cares?

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No. Hes married and he had a child (sadly he died at 6 :( RIP).


Is it marriage that determines a person's sexual orientation?

To axlslash, Kody Rumin and others, READ BEFORE YOU POST. I don't want to keep repeating myself.

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Who cares where the guy likes to stick his weiner

....or be sticked... :book:

haha, yeah..it doesn't really matter. I personally think Freddie Mercury (who was probably very gay...or at least looked very gay) was/is not only one of the best singers (if not the best) of all time but also one of the best artists of the 20th century. He simply rocks.

yeah, gays got my respect :D

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he's not gay

BTW he also has a daughter.

I know plenty of gay men with ex-wives and children of their own.

plenty? I always have a tough time telling unless they're tottaly flaming.

Why can't some of you belive that he's gay?

I guess because we don't have to.

It's not hard to tell around here.

...cuz you don't have to or don't want to? Anyway, I didn't make this thread to try to convince anyone. I just wanted to know if everyone knew this already.

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