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Save Metallica!


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Sadly Metallica have got too 'cosy' and 'pally' with Bob Cock.

They should have cut their ties with him after the Black Album. It should have been a case of 'Thanks Bob, we both got our money, now we are moving on'.

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You know what?....I don't even care about this band anymore....I don't like their "newer" shit because that's exactly what it is,shit.

They should have never changed the formula after the black album.

Do I want to help?...No.

Once a sell out,always a sell out...Just my opinion.

wow..that's exactly the way I feel about new GNR.

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Bob Rock.....the man who ruined Metallica,keep up the good work

Its strange,because after 20 YEARS,Megadeth is actually better than Metallica,altough for some reason Megadeth albums struggle to go platinum while Metallica releases all kinds of junk that do that easily................now if only the next album would tank so that could get another producer(preferably Rasmunssen) and really a LISTENABLE ALBUM.

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