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Jane's Addiction- Three Days

Guest Conga Fissure

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Guest Conga Fissure

Jane's Addiction, one of my favorite funk rock, alt. rock techno bands integrating so many types of music.

"Three Days", to me is one of the greatest epics. Up there with "Estranged" and suicidal epic "Coma" for me.

It's 90s POP! I know somebody knows this band.

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Guest Conga Fissure
meh, dave navarro is ok. i like been caught stealin better




I think he's better than Slash with his progression.

J.A.'s AfD was Nothing's Shocking.

Strays was good too.

Ritual de lo Habitual is a masterpiece.

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I really like this song, it's got a great atmosphere and the opening bass line and guitars are brilliant. It's probably their best ballad type song along with Classic Girl. Dave Navarro is more than ok, that guy can fuckin play. Listen to his solos in Three Days, Ocean Size and Had A Dad.

Jane's were such an amazing band, better than the overrated Red Hot Chili Peppers and it was good that Navarro didn't sell out like Kirk Hammet on their last album Strays.

It's a shame they've split up for about the hundredth time but Dave Navarro and Steven Perkins (drums) have formed a new band called The Panic Channel with the bassist from the album Strays and a new singer Steve Isaacs. Check http://www.thepanicchannel.com/ for more details.

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jane's used to be incredibly cool when i was wee.

that last album really made the bile in my throat rise however.

the white, self titled album, still holds water after all these years.

up from the catacombs

i ran with the angel again

he took the high road

i took the low road

we both wore dirty faces

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