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the band NAZARETH

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great song, great album, great band!

oh man... i just realized what your username means....... "K-DST" you are referring to the radio station in the greatest videogame ever made (GTA:San Andreas, of course) to which Axl is the DJ, right???

DUDE- seriously, GTA IS, in my opinion, theeeeeeeeee best and greatest game ever made. I am sure you agree??

Your name rocks.

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Nazereth are a great band, and one of my very favorites. I don't understand why they weren't as huge as bands such as Aerosmith in the '70s, because they certainly had the talent. Hair of the Dog is also a great album, and I would recommend it to anybody. Try to check this band out!

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I was lucky enough to see Nazareth in 1980 in a small venue in Paris--so close I could reach out and touch the band members. Wow--was that back in the day or what? Waaaayyyy before those barricades and elevated stages! And, Yes, they sounded great!

shit... all i can say is that i am jealous... it's funny because the hallucination i have of nazareth is sort of like... they are the band playing during bike week up at the lake or memorial day weekend... the sun is out, it is warm, EVERYTHING as far as you're concerned is just like... alright :D ... and you just hear them jamming away to "Beggar's Day," which, in my opinion is like the PERFECT early/beginning of summer song.

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