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Audioslave's New Album


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A source at Epic Records has exclusively told The Zone that the second album from AUDIOSLAVE will arrive in June. Singer Chris Cornell, guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk have been working on the follow-up to their 2002 debut since last year, and Morello said he couldn't be more excited about the results. "It sounds awesome," he said. "It's a ridiculously rocking record, and I think it far surpasses the first one, which I loved. I thought the first record was great, but we've really gelled as a band and, you know, having a year of touring under our belts, we've become and kind of grown into ourselves as a band. It sounds awesome."

More information about the record, including its title and a specific release date, is not yet available.

AUDIOSLAVE's self-titled debut disc has sold over two million copies. The band has an unusual record label arrangement: because vocalist Chris Cornell, formerly of SOUNDGARDEN, was signed to Interscope Records, that company issued AUDIOSLAVE's debut. But since the other members of the group were signed to Epic when they were in RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, that label gets to release the second AUDIOSLAVE disc. Future releases from AUDIOSLAVE will continue to flip between the two labels.



I'm hoping Morello isn't just trying to hype the album up and he does something more than weird noises for a solo. "Gasoline" and "The Last Remaining Light" had good guitaring though.

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i dunno if anyone has been to this link, has to do with upcoming releases in music... cheers.

upcoming releases

Good link, I've been wondering when the White Stripes were gonna release their next album, I loved their last one.

VR and Audioslave touring together would be crazy as hell, but even if it did happen I doubt it'd work since there's a lot of people who are only loyal to one supergroup and not the other. Sucks to be them. Audioslave's new album is gonna be good though, hopefully good enough to push VR into creating the best music they can think of and we'll have a battle of the bands on our hands... or maybe that's only in my dreams. Those two bands are my favorite newbies and we need something to push rock above that hip-hop crap.

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