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Best decade of music


What was the decade with the best music?  

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Well for me, i would say the best decade that music came from was the 70's. And no im not talking about the gay disco music that came from it, but the great bands like Pink Floyd who realeased a fair whack of their albums in the 70's. Led Zeppelin released alot of their albums in the 70's (the albums Led Zeppelin I and II were realeased in '69 though) Van Halen realsed the self titled album in '79. And all round the 70's was fair more creative and experimental. Sure AFD was realeased in the late 80's but most other music from the 80's is pretty crap imho.

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The last ten years.. So much great music.. Just about everything I listen regurarly is from the last decade.. Tindersticks, Midnight Choir, Minor Majority, Al deLoner is some of my favorites..

Pj Harvey, Tori Amos, the last decade of Nick Cave, Beck(Sea change), Nine Inch Nails(though they started already in the late eighties), the last decade of Walkabouts is also fantastic..

So I find myself lucky to be living in this decade :)

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Guest Conga Fissure


GN'R/L.A. Guns

Thrash metal (the art)

Techno booms

Nine Inch Nails debut

Prog. metal

Most classic riff rock bands continually release material

And.....the CON!

Hair metal, fabricated spaghetti with little sauce (substance)

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80s B)

Because the best music was made during that decade on each music gender.

I'll mention a few bands or solo artists who succeeded during the 80s.


Guns N' Roses





Bon Jovi

and many others......

The best pop music was also made in the 80s


Michael Jackson

Let's not forget that the best and biggest concerts took place in the 80s as well.


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