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midi help

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well i have my keyboard connected to the computer with my interface and i know how to use a program called midi notate but the most i can do with it is just make songs that would be heard in the keyboard or just record them in the computer

but at my college's studio i use a program called digital performer and it gives me different sounds and shit, but it isnt for pcs anyway are there any good programs for windows

is there anybody out there :huh:

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gernm18 if you want to make a proper midi instrumentation you must take these steps :

1. Create a midi file, either by using a midi keyboard like you do (through Cubase or whatever program you have anyways) , or writing the whole song in a partiture/tablature writing program (finale, sibelius / guitar pro) and then exporting it to a midi file.

2. Now you have the midi file with your song, but the sounds it has are really lame. It should sound like some 80's computer game ... So, you have to patch it with samples from real organs. There are many formats of these samples and many programs you can use to do the job. You can find samples in the internet or buy them. Programs you can use to assign a sample to a midi track are Reason (V.2.5), or Cubase with the help of what we call VST instruments. You can find lots of info and tutorials on how to do the job, so i won't make this a big message ...

3. Make a proper mixing of all the instruments and you have your result. Of course don't think it will be perfect (a perfect result needs money and professional knowledge ..). But it will be a nice home recording.

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