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Queens of the stone age

Guest katie

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sorry bout the description. but just wondering if anyone liked them, i really like there old stuff and LOVE the new single- little sister. Generally quite sexy songs...lol. but just wanted to know what everyone thought.

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pure love.

there's a pretty good lil interview with josh in the new fader zine.

you need to listen to:

eagles of death metal

mondo generator


the dwarves

fu manchu

theyre all related to queens in some wonderfully strange way.

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Ha...yeah no idea about the dust thing...but Dust was a great album by the Screaming Trees...& Mark Lanegan's just great anyway. Though yeah i never really listened to Queens...

& ha yeah you have the Duke Spirit in your sig...yeah I saw them last year really...but yeah i don't really knwo them either

ummmm dust was just a joke thing from little britain. and yeah the duke spirit are amazing!!! i like her hair...want my hair like that..

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new album "lullabies to paralyze" hits shelves, march double deuce. i, however chose to cheat the fuck out of myself and listen to a pirated copy (which was scraped from the intrawebby by one of my techno-illogically gifted pals) yes, naturally i'll buy the fucker when it arrives. (take a breath you self rightous pricks.)

my ears have found termporary shambhala in the corners of this album. jumpin fuck its so good, its so tasty, its so so so so very very.

mr. homme delivers again for the fourth straight time outta the park style. oliveri is a trail of dust but it's pretty obvious that he had jack shit to do with big red's shining genius. for this i grin, from ear to smiling ear.

i look forward to seeing them even more in april. i'll be wearing my old lady ozzy fists fer-shure.

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