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The Moltey Movie


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i heard that the bloke who wrote xXx was writing it. theyre a little preoccupied at the moment what with the tour though so it'll be getting held up anyway.

i imagine theyll wait till after the tour so they can milk a bit more money out of it. tommy and mick have already had a go at vince and nikki for been money grabbing

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I was watching 'Rove Live' if you don't know it is a comedy chat show and Rove asked Tommy Lee if there was a movie and he replied with a 'possibly'. He also asked him if there was a certain actor that he wants to play as himself and Tommy replied with 'Johnny Depp'. So I don't think he really knows if there is a movie or not, I guess we'll have to wait and see. It would be cool if there was!

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Man following the life off 4 people !!! , it will be a long fucking movie!!!

Im just thinkin now if they put scenes like, from when nikki was dared to drink his own piss by ozzie,, and stories like that..> Cause the whole book is pretty explicit...

Every page is about drugs, sex, or swallowing light globes cause they were bored..

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