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On Sunday night i went to Reds and saw some super bands, It was great for 4 dollars there were 5 bands playing...

Calico Drive

Crowned King

Vying for Solace

Dead Beat Romeo

(one more but the name escapes me)

I had free tickets but at the last moment the band desided to charge people but 4 dollars is a great deal. The place was sold out but my friend and I managed to squeezed up front. It was insane though... because it was all ages we had these girls behind us how were literally trying to climb over me to grope the lead singer :P. Funny though I got covered in the band's sweat, flying ice cubes and ketchup and it was one of the funniest concerts i have been to (i haven't really been to any :P) The venue didn't allow any moshing, crowd surfing etc. but the bands were encourageing it.

my favourite had to be Crowned King and somewhat Calico Drive (even though i had trouble hearing the vocalist because i was right up front by the speaker)

heres a link to one band: http://www.crownedking.com <<<< this band's lead singer had a great stage presence. Their live show comes across better then the stuff on their website IMO

So theres my rant on my exciting night.

So to make a topic....

What are small local venues like where you live? got any favourite bands you don't think people here might know alot about? got a link to some of their stuff? Any one know the bands I listed?

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