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What's your fav Stones album?


What's your favourite?  

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I didn't put the old goldies Stones albums (Between The Buttons, 12x5) because I know these are the most popular. So ... What's your favourite? Mine are:

1. Sticky Fingers

2. Let It Bleed

3. Exile On Main Street

4. Out Of Our Heads

5. England's Newest Hit-Makers

Not a big fan of country, and Beggar's Banquet is a country album.

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Well, just found out Sticky ain't that great, I've Got The Blues is boring as hell and Sister Morphine never ends. Let It Bleed has got some weak moments. So the winner is ... EXILE BABY!

Though Let It Bleed is growing on me ... I never know.

And shiaobundan, Beggar's has got 4 awesome songs (Street Fighting Man, Sympathy For The Devil, Jigsaw Puzzle and Salt Of The Earth). Street Fighting Man was a single and could have sold big (everyone likes the song), but it got banned.

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Beggar's Banquet was the first one I bought. I love it even though its only has one 'hit' on it.

The hits are never the best. In my opinion, every Stones album has 1 song on it that is the best yet never a hit.One example is Sister Morphine on Sticky Fingers

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Sticky Fingers. I frikin' love that album, no matter what Yami says :P

Moonlight Mile is playing right now.

I love all of the songs on that album but 3. I've Got The Blues is acceptable, You Gotta Move is crap, but I'm slowly growing on Sister Morphine, though

Yeah, Moonlight Mile is kickass

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Let It Bleed has got my favourite song ever, Gimme Shelter. But what about the rest? Love In Vain is a good song to fall asleep. Country Honk gets boring after a while. Live With Me is okay. Let It Bleed is okay but too big. Rambler's great, but too long. You Got The Silver = See Love In Vain. Also, for those 2, great lyrics but sleepy music. Monkey Man gets a 10 in my book, awesome! And You Can't Always Get What You Want is okay. I'd rather listen to Sticky Fingers, some great material though I've Got The Blues is boring, and Sister Morphine lasts forever. Exile is good for selecting a few tracks and listening to them, no one cares about songs like Just Want To See His Face or Turd On The Run.

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