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Are there any free studioprograms for download?? I really wanna record stuff, and I ain't got money to buy fuckin' Cubase (I don't think my soundcard is good enough for that anyway) or something like that. It doesn't have to be anything for comlicated for pros, I just wanna be able to record several tracks. If there is a such program, PLEEASE give me a link or something..... :rolleyes:

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Get a job and buy a 4 track.Cheap fuck.

You would download food stamps if possible.

Download this................... :fuckyou:

Hahahahaha!!! That's pure genious.

On a serious note though, you'd probably be better off hitting up a musicians forum at a musicians site.

And 15 sure as hell isn't too young to work. I had a job throughout most of my high school years. Money = cool stuff = chicks = kinda shallow but who the hell cares when you're 15 and scoring chicks!

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